How are we different?

At Grasslands Organic, we live and breathe community.  As well as supporting local farmers by paying a fair price for our quality organic products, we aim to help individuals hoping to re-enter the workforce gain useful skills and experience. By welcoming volunteers from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, Grasslands Organic aids in strengthening understanding and skill-sharing not just among our volunteers but also with our customers, and members of the local community.


We are 100% operated by a group of passionate volunteers:

grasslandsWe support volunteers from marginalised groups in the local community by offering training in retail, customer service and food safety, in a supported environment, irrespective of skill level.

We offer student placements and work experience to university students.

Our volunteers receive significant discounts on produce – improving food access and helping make organic food available to everyone.

We offer a safe space of learning and collaboration regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, ability, or sexual orientation.


We support other groups in the community who we believe are doing great things:

We partner with local organisations to provide volunteer opportunities.

We regularly donate food to local initiatives doing great work both locally and internationally. Some of the groups we have supported recently include Lentil as Anything, The Welcome Group, The Friends of the Earth Anti-Nuclear and Clean Energy Collective (ACE), fundraisers for RISE – Refugees Survivors and Ex-Detainees, Friends of Newell’s Paddock and fundraisers for Mantasa Indonesia.