At Grasslands Organic we like things to be easy! Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand how we work:

About the Seasonal Mixed Fruit and Vegetable boxes:

Do you deliver?
Yes! We deliver to the Inner West and Inner North, every Thursday afternoon.

How much does delivery cost?
Delivery is $5 per order. You can also pay 2 months in advance to receive free delivery, or organise with some friends for 5 or more boxes to be delivered to one address each week and you will all receive free delivery.

What time will my box be delivered?
We aim for all boxes to arrive at your chosen address between 1-5pm, Thursdays.

Can I organise group orders?
Sure! If you have 5 or more weekly boxes delivered to the same address, we wont even charge you for delivery!

Can I pick up my box from the shop?
Yes! you can pick up on Thursday after 1pm, and before we close at 6pm.

Can I choose what goes in the box?
Everything in the box is seasonal, and produce changes weekly. We allow you to omit a small amount of items that you know you wont use (eg – you don’t like potatoes? We won’t pack them!) Or, perhaps you have a food allergy, that’s fine too!

Can I add extra items from the shop to my weekly order?
Yes! Items such as milk, eggs and orange juice are often great extras to your weekly shop. We can also add bulk dry goods like rice and oats too! Check out the online shop to see what you can add to your next order.


About Organic Food:

What does ‘organic’ actually mean?
www.organicfood.com.au describe ‘organic’ as follows:  The basic principle of organic farming is to achieve optimum quantities of produce and food of high nutritional quality without the use of artificial fertilisers or synthetic chemicals. It does not use genetically modified foods, growth promoters or hormones.  Organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones.  Organic farming emphasises the need to maintain appropriate land management and aims to ecologically achieve the balance between animal life, the natural environment and food crops. Organic farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides.

Is everything at Grasslands Organic certified organic / biodymanic?
Yes. We only purchase from certified organic / biodynamic producers and distributors.

Where do you buy your produce from?
Great Question! Most of the time we shop only from Victorian farmers, either direct from the farm or through wholesalers or growers groups. Sometimes we need to source produce from other parts of the country due to seasonal availability.


About the Shop:

When are you open?
Grasslands Organic is open Thursdays from 10am-6pm (and Fridays too from March 2016!)

Where are you?
Our shop is located in the heart of Footscray, at 211 Nicholson Street (Near the corner of Buckley Street).

Where do you get your organic produce from?
All of our produce is 100% Australian Organic or Biodynamic. We source our seasonal produce from organic wholesalers and from local Victorian farmers wherever possible.

How is Grasslands Organic different to other organic box suppliers?
It’s all about community connection. Check out our ‘How are we different?’ page to find out more!

Why are you only open a few days a week?
Grasslands is 100% operated by volunteers. We are currently open only on the days we can fully staff the shop, and to ensure that our produce is always fresh, fresh, fresh!! One day we hope we can be open all the time!

Do you offer discounts?
Yes! If you are a full-time student or concession card holder, you will receive a 10% discount on presentation of your student/concession card.

Do I get a discount if I work in the local area?
We offer a 10% discount on fresh produce to others around us who are serving the community working at Victoria University (Footscray Park & Footscray Nicholson campus), Cohealth (Footscray branch), Staff and volunteers at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, and Carers Victoria (Footscray).

$25 box 1 (1)

Example – $25 Basics Box, available for delivery or pickup